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Previously Born Kids

These are some of the kids that we've previously been blessed by God to have had born on our farm. This will give you a view of the normal colors that we get. Unless stated otherwise, all of the kids pictured here are already SOLD. All of our kids are first offered to customers who are on our waiting list before they are offered for sale to the general public. If you want to be added to our waiting list, please see our "Policy and Information" page for instructions.


Maple x Bond doeling R15.

Light tan.

Blue eyes. Horned.


Sage x Bond doeling R11.

Black & brown buckskin.

Blue eyes. Horned.





Chia x Bond doeling R17.

Black & silver dapple.

Brown eyes. Polled.





Clover x Acorn buckling. P60

White with brown and black moonspots.

Blue eyes. Polled.





Pinto x Bond buckling R14. 

White, tan, & black.

Blue eyes. Horned.


 Chia x Bond doeling R18.

Black &  white.

Blue eyes. Polled.


Nightshade's  doeling. P48.

Black & Tan with black moonspots & wattles.

Brown eyes. Horned.


Syringa's  doeling. P33. 

Light tan with white marks and Black moonspots.

Blue eyes. Wattles. Horned.

Clover's Doeling. P17. ("LADINO")

Black with white and brown moonspots.

Blue eyes. Polled.

Clover's  Doeling. P18. ("DUTCH")

Black and brown with white moonspots.

Blue eyes. Polled.

Eclipse x Acorn  Buckling. N34

Black, tan and white dapple with moon spots

Blue eyes. Polled

Bella's Doeling. P13. ("ATROPA")

Black with frosting.

Blue eyes. Polled.


Syringa x Bond buckling R8. 

Black and white. 

Brown eyes. Polled.

 doeing. N43.

Blue Roan and white. 

Blue eyes. Horned.

Maple's doeing. N36. 

Cream colored. 

Blue eyes. Horned.

  buckling. P20

Charcoal and blonde with charcoal moonspots. 

Blue eyes. Horned.


Millet x Bond  buckling. R3.  

Black & brown with white markings. 

Brown eyes. Horned.

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